Over the last thirty years a number of related subject areas have been repeatedly researched and presented. What often started as lecture series in University Degree programmes, developed through research and publication to become lifelong passions and interests. The fruits of this timescale are presented below 

Over the last four years I have regularly lectured to a range of societies and groups such as the National Trust, NADFAS, Museums, Institutions, KCWCS (Kensington and Chelsea Women’s Club, The London branch of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society etc. In addition across the years, lectures and refereed papers have been given around the UK, Europe and the World.

Full details and a comprehensive C.V. can be supplied upon request. 

Lecture Titles

The lectures are grouped into related thematic bandings 

Early and Mediaeval Art

Romanesque Art, Architecture and Design

Gothic Art, Architecture & Design

Henry de Blois

Nicholas of Verdun

Stained Glass

Stained Glass A History

Stained Glass the technical development and process

Stained Glass of Northern France

Stained Glass Artists:

Harry Clarke

Wilhelmina Geddes

Douglas Strachan

Karl Parsons

Clayton & Bell

Henry Holiday

Robert Anning Bell

Burne Jones

Heaton Butler & Bayne

Charles Eamer Kempe

The Tower of Glass

Christopher Whall

Mary Lowndes

Sir John Ninian Comper

FC Eden

Martin Travers

Christopher Webb

Millenium Windows

Country House and Garden Studies

Robert Smythson and the Development of the Elizabethan Prodigy House

Eighteenth Century British Architecture

Robert Adam

James Paine

James Wyatt

Sir John Soane

The Architectural Outsiders

Nathaniel Ireson

The Bastard Brothers

The Grand Tour

Harold Peto

Edwardian Garden Design

The Destruction of the English Country House

The Latest Country Houses 

Cathedrals, Chuches and Monasteries

Cathedral and Major Church Building and Destruction in the British Isles 1000-1539

The Dissolution of the Monasteries in Britain

Glastonbury Abbey

The Monastic Revival in the British Isles 1539-Present

Cathedral and Major Church Building in the British Isles1539-Present

The Development of the Gothic Cathedral in France 

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art, Architecture and Design Movements 

Robert Anning Bell

Henry van der Velde

FHK Henrion

Abram Games

Willy de Majo

Mies van der Rohe

Frank Lloyd Wright

Christopher Dresser

World War One Art, Literature, Propaganda and Memorials

Paul Nash

Eric Kennington

Rex Whistler

The Brotherhood of Ruralists

The Interwar Private Press Movement

The Symbolists

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Antwerp – The Golden Triangle and Beyond

Art Nouveau of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Art Deco

Dutch Art Nouveau to Modernism

De Stijl

Jan Toorop

Jan Thorn Prikker

Willem Marius Dudok

The Amsterdam School

HP Berlage

The Bauhaus

Le Corbusier